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RETURN TO EDEN TEARS of MU [ Moonlit night ] Organic Cotton T-Shirt

RETURN TO EDEN TEARS of MU [ Moonlit night ] Organic Cotton T-Shirt

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Spiritual healing animation: Return to Eden – Tears of Mu
Organic Cotton T-Shirt

The T-Shirt is an image art of the scene where Abram thinks in the moonlight...

"Those who have awakened to the oneness of all things try to end the ego and wish to end the I, the part. And return to being a part of God. Those who have not yet awakened Compared to each other, divided into separate selves They want to improve and expand their own selves, which do not exist They fight and fall into strife. Living from fear to the pain of killing each other Tears of Mu It's a story of truly beautiful leaders (Buddhas) who cried over the people... Healing animation was created to turn the world into love "

Earth and human-friendly T-shirt made from 100% organic cotton.It is environmentally friendly and very comfortable, making it one of your favorite items.

Delivery time 20days

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